Lil Nas X’s Old Twitter Account Sparks The Hashtag #LilNasXIsOverParty With Possible Homophobic Remarks

Lil Nas X

A new hashtag #LilNasXIsOverParty began trending on Twitter Sunday morning when fans uncovered news of Lil Nas X‘s old Twitter meme account. The trending hashtag is filled with screenshots of old tweets which may connect Lil Nas X to some Islamophobic comments as well as other hate spread on a Nicki Minaj fan account.

Much of the #LilNasXIsOverParty hashtag is back-and-forth among users trying to discern if the account in question, @nasmaraj, really belonged to the “Old Town Road” viral sensation. But according to a report published in April by New York Magazine‘s Intelligencer, Lil Nas X was indeed the admin of the popular tweetdecking account attached to Nicki Minaj’s fan base with the handle @nasmaraj. The rapper was able to accrue a 6-digit follower count by reposting memes, viral threads, and, of course, posting about Nicki Minaj. Other publications, such as Billboard, have previously reported on Nas X’s old Twitter account, but have stepped back after Lil Nas X’s media team reached out to them and denied that the account belonged to him.

The Twitter account @nasmaraj was suspended after the social media company began cracking down on tweetdecking, which is the process of re-posting copied viral content. Those active in #LilNasXIsOverParty have been quick to point out the lingering evidence of Lil Nas X’s attachment to the account.

Another account pointed out @nasmaraj’s old Twitter pic is a photo of Lil Nas X himself.

The Islamophobic remark in question is a screenshot that seems to have come from the account @nasmaraj. However, because the account was deactivated and scrubbed, it’s hard to discern if the screenshot has validity.

Lil Nas X has previously mentioned getting “suspended” and then linking to an account with a suspiciously similar handle.

Intelligencer said they have concrete proof that the Twitter account @nasmaraj was owned and operated by Lil Nas X. The publication pointed out that the most important information in a twitter URL is the digits that follow the account name. If an account was deactivated but a tweet is still live, the digits in the old URL will redirect to the new account holder. Searching the URL of an old @nasmaraj tweet causes Lil Nas X’s current account to appear. For example, searching the URL of a previous @nasmaraj tweet with these digits, “https:/” pulls up a tweet from Lil Nas X’s current account, @LilNasX.

Other fans are coming to Lil Nas X’s defense and saying that the account was active when the rapper was young and has since learned from his mistakes.

Update: Lil Nas X has responded to the hasthtag with his usual sarcastic wit, using a tweet captioned “me at the Lil Nas X is over party” to once again promote his 7 single “Panini” with a video playing the song over a bizarre video of what looks like a deformed, dancing Shrek. Check it out below.

UPROXX has reached out to Columbia for comment. This post will be updated if new information becomes available.