A Twitter Troll Accused Lil Nas X Of Being ‘Not Really Gay’ And The Rapper Fired Back With A Perfect Response

For a lot of celebrities, if trolls come after them online, odds are they’ll either never notice, or they’ll see it but choose to ignore. That’s not always the case with Lil Nas X, though, as the active Twitter user is far from afraid of clapping back at people who come after him. Over the weekend, for example, one Twitter user said they feel like the rapper is “not really gay” and Nas wasn’t going to leave that alone.

Sharing a clip from Nas’ Lollapalooza Chile performance, a Twitter user wrote on March 17, “I feel like he’s not really gay or not really that feminine it’s so forced.” Another user responded, “I think he is, but he forced the feminine part,” and the original poster replied, “Yes like he don’t exude feminine energy at all and when he does stuff like this it’s kinda cringe or comes off unauthentic. It’s like he’s a caricature of a fem boy idk.”

In response to the initial tweet, Nas dismissed them by writing the next day, “oh no guys it’s the estrogen expert.”

This comes shortly after Nas found himself in a bit of online hot water when the trans community took exception to a joke of his.