Lil Nas X Admits He Was Tired Of ‘Old Town Road’ After It Was No. 1 For Months

Lil Nas X just dropped “Holiday,” his first new single in a while. He joined Apple Music’s Zane Lowe to discuss the track, and he also revealed during the chat that after a while into the extended No. 1 run of “Old Town Road,” he was getting tired of the hit.

The rapper discussed the creative growth he has undergone since “Old Town Road,” saying:

“I felt super accomplished, but I felt like, ‘OK, that’s cool. Now it’s time to really get to business’ kind of thing, you know? I found better, healthier ways to create, I’ll say that. Little things like taking much more time with my lyrics and putting more into the concept of whatever the song I am making. Because I used to go to the studio, make the song, I’m out, and never go back to it, never work on it again. And it worked, but that wasn’t the move. If I can do that without doing that, what can I do beyond that? Another thing with quarantine I decided I wanted to do was definitely give people more of an inside of me beyond the characters I portray. Even ‘Holiday,’ I’m talking about the past year or whatever, and all this sh*t. You know, a couple of sh*ts that’s been happened, and just establishing where I’m going, where I’m moving, how I’m good no matter what.”

He then revealed that he was ready to move on from “Old Town Road” while it was still the top song in the country, saying, “‘Old Town Road’ didn’t stop being number one until August, I think, of 2019, and I was already ready to throw it out the window in June last year. And I was so ready to move on from it because of what other people were saying that I almost missed out on even bigger blessings from it.”

Meanwhile, Lil Nas X also has an interesting new venture coming up: He’s putting on a virtual concert in Roblox.