Lil Nas X Explains How Performing In A ‘Cute Little Coach Skirt’ In Front Of His Family Was A Powerful Experience

Lil Nas X is perhaps the biggest gay icon in the music industry today, but it wasn’t always that way. Once upon a time, he was just the “Old Town Road” guy, but eventually, he publicly came out. While he has gradually become more comfortable in his own skin, he was still nervous to perform in front of his family at a recent hometown show in Atlanta. The experience ended up being a powerful one, though.

Nas spoke about this in a new People interview, saying:

“I was really nervous about going out on stage in front of my family and everybody in my cute, little Coach skirt. But as soon as I walked out, I felt like I was setting my younger self free. Afterwards, my family — a lot of whom used to believe in everything opposite to what’s up on that stage — told me they were really proud. I feel like I’m changing some minds.”

After the show, Nas’ father shared a message on social media, writing, “I’m beyond proud of you. Thinking back to this conversation we had about 4 years ago and to see your show last night, by the way was the best show I’ve seen since MJ. You was a kid with a dream and the determination to follow it. You was that one in a million.”

In the interview, Nas added, “I’m less afraid to step out of my comfort zone. Lil Nas X is helping Montero become more himself. Music has made me much more confident.”

Of his evolving style, he also noted, “Style is a form of self-expression. It’s a way to show people who you are, or at least how you want them to perceive you. I feel like to get further in life, you have to shed skins and do things that you normally wouldn’t.”

Check out the interview here.