Lil Pump’s Confrontation With Police Has Sparked An Investigation In Miami

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Lil Pump was detained at the Miami airport on December 13th after boarding a flight to L.A. A flight attendant indicated to police that Lil Pump’s bag was improperly tagged and suspicious. Police then questioned Lil Pump after allegedly smelling marijuana, a smell the police thought belonged to his bag. Lil Pump fiercely denied the accusation, and he and a member of his crew were detained for disorderly conduct during the police questioning. The police’s claims that Lil Pump was transporting weed were discovered to be unfounded when, upon inspection, no drugs were found.

Bodycam footage of the confrontation was released Thursday. The footage shows police talking to Lil Pump and insisting that the improperly tagged bag belonged to the rapper. Lil Pump insisted this was not the case. The rapper’s manager attempted to back up Lil Pump’s claims, but both were eventually handcuffed and escorted away. Both Lil Pump and his manager were charged with disorderly conduct and pleaded “not guilty.”

The entire confrontation has allegedly sparked a lawsuit and an investigation into whether the police acted justly in their questioning and treatment of Lil Pump and his manager.

“Command staff members are aware of the Body Worn Camera footage and are reviewing it to ensure compliance with our established policies and procedures,” the Miami police department said in a statement. “We take pride in a professional level of service and fairness to all and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.”

Lil Pump confirmed he will be filing a lawsuit after he posted the bodycam footage to Instagram with the caption, “DIRTY ASS ?SAID “ITS YOUR BAG NOW” THIS RACIST SH*T NEEDA STOP LAWSUIT ON DA WAY.”

Watch bodycam footage of the police interaction.

The bodycam footage was released the day before Lil Pump’s new album, Harverd Dropout was released.