Lil Tecca Realizes He’s The ‘Blessing’ On His New Single

Back with another hit, Lil Tecca has dropped his new single, “Blessing.” On his punchy new synth-and-bass-heavy track, Tecca is searching for people on his level — both romantically and within his circle.

“I’m the blessing, so who ’bout to bless me now? / She wan’ cuff and arrest me now,” Tecca raps on the song’s chorus.

He continues, saying, “All that extra sh*t really gon’ stress me out / Put some Chrome on my chest piece now.”

On the song’s final verse, he examines the loyalty of some of the people around him, and makes note of lessons he’s learned over the years.

“Had to learn that some people can’t sit with us / Never lied when I said that you let me down / Never lied when you let me down / Gossipin’, then you can’t be ’round,” he raps.

Skilled with his pen, as well as Auto-Tune effects, Tecca has several hits under his belt. While one might imagine he faces a lot of pressure to follow up his smashes with even more smashes, Tecca revealed in an interview with XXL that the pressure all went away after the release of his 2019 hit, “Ransom.”

“You get the most pressure when you do this for your first time ’cause everyone is looking at you like, ‘Can he do it again?’ But even before I had “Ransom,” I already been dropped buzzing songs… And it’s two years later now, so how can I still feel pressure from two years ago, a year ago? I’m doing me,” he said. “If I let anything give me pressure, I’m just letting a bunch of random people eat me up on some brainwashing shit. That’s dead.”

Check out “Blessing” above.