Lil Uzi Vert Gave A Couple Stacks Of Cash At Their Traditional Cambodian Wedding

Lil Uzi Vert is quickly becoming one of rap’s most approachable superstars. Despite doing true rockstar things like getting huge pink diamonds embedded in his face and donning a Daft Punk-esque robot helmet for as-yet-unknown reasons, Uzi is just as likely to be found hanging out with fans and freestyling at gas stations. He recently explained that he’s a “happy person” who isn’t “gonna act gangster because that’s not what I am,” and that truth becomes more apparent with each social media post depicting his down-to-earth shenanigans.

The latest found him attending a traditional Cambodian wedding in his native Philadelphia on Saturday, where he danced with fellow guests and gifted the couple several thousand dollars in cash, according to HipHopDX. Uzi also freestyled for the other guests and took photos with the happy couple. The couple posted the photos on Instagram with a caption making it clear that Uzi was indeed invited and didn’t crash the wedding.

Both DX and Complex noted that it wasn’t the first time Uzi went viral for showing up at a wedding. Last year, he apparently showed up at a Palestinian wedding in New Jersey wearing a keffiyeh around his neck and again danced with the guests.

One thing is for certain: Uzi makes for an entertaining guest, so if you can get him that invite, it appears it’ll be worth it.