Lil Wayne’s ‘Kat Food’ Single Isn’t An Anthem For The Humane Society, But Rather A Raunchy Dedication To His Favorite Meal

Just days ago, Lil Wayne stepped back into the booth to re-imagine Undisputed’s theme song. Now, the rapper has turned his attention to righting a wrong from 2008. On his certified diamond song, “Lollipop,” he proudly proclaimed that the man’s nether regions were sweet like candy. But in his new single, “Kat Food,” he is returning that crown to the lady’s delicate part.

The record, co-produced by Charlie Handsome, FNZ, and Rogét Chahayed, is a raunchy dedication to one of Lil Wayne’s favorite meals, or so fans learned during his 2011 Nardwuar interview. Pulling in a sample of Missy Elliott’s 20o2 single “Work It,” Lil Wayne takes his time as he professes his love for cunnilingus.

By the titling of the track, the messaging may not be as clear, but when he raps, “I’m daydreamin’, I’m Codeinin’ / I’m slow walkin’, I’m floatin’, Houdini / My ho, she screamin’, for more, she fiendin’ / I just turned her daydreams to wet dreams, no bikini / Ooh, no bikini, ooh, no demeanor / I just put it all up in her face, woah, Noxzema / Bad b*tches all up on my case, no subpoena / Cat hangin’ out that catsuit, ooh, Serena / Ooh, Serena, ooh, Serena / Cat hanging out that catsuit, ooh, Serena / Woah, I eat her, like, hyena / Come here, girl, I got that cat food, ooh, Purina / Ooh, Purina, it’s wet, Katrina / Cat hangin’ out that catsuit, ooh, that cheetah,” there’s no grey area.

Listen to “Kat Food” above.