Self-Proclaimed ‘Gorgeous’ Person Lil Yachty Theorizes Being ‘Ugly As F*ck’ Is What Makes Some Rappers So Angry

Hip-hop, more than most other music genres, is full of beef. There’s a whole thing between Drake and Kendrick Lamar right now. Azealia Banks is usually saying something about somebody (most recently, it was Beyoncé). Kanye West is upset with Kai Cenat. As for the reason behind all this anger, Lil Yachty thinks he has the answer.

In a video that made the rounds online over the weekend, Yachty says, “I personally think that rap n****s are so angry and so mad and so ‘grr’ all the time because they ugly… as f*ck. A lot of rappers don’t like what they see when they wake up, and they realize they probably only get women because they have money. Me, on the other hand, am gorgeous. And it’s like, I’m happy, you know? Life’s great. I got some money, decent looking, I smell great.”

Yachty, of course, has a strong sense of humor, so he’s likely joking around, at least a little bit, here.

Appearance aside, Yachty certainly has a lot to be happy about at the moment. A few days ago, it was announced that he teamed with Quality Control and HYBE to start his own record label, Concrete Rekordz.