Lizzo Said She Got Drunk And Slid Into Drake’s DMs, And He Followed Her Back

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If there’s one thing that Lizzo has proven during her meteoric rise, it’s that she knows how to dominate in a variety of genres and moods. If there are two things she has proven, the second is that she is a ton of fun. She recreated the jazz flute scene from Anchorman, she made a delightful “Juice” video with some of the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, and she charmed the heck out of Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. A Lizzo interview typically results on some great soundbites, and her appearance on Busy Tonight was no exception.

During her conversation with host Busy Philipps, Philipps asked who Lizzo would like to collaborate with, and her answer was Adele. Philipps then asked if she reached out to Adele at all, and Lizzo said, “I used to slide into DMs.” She then went on to tell the story about the time she messaged Drake after having consumed a beverage or two: “I slid into Drake’s DMs, but it was bold. I was drunk and I was just like, ‘Let’s just see if this motherf-cker can sing.’ And I sent him a DM… this was a while ago. And then I unsent it, and then he followed me after that… but he likes my songs.”

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