Logic Said He Wrote A Novel Because His Manager Told Him He Couldn’t

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As we reported on Tuesday, the rapper Logic just released new music. However, the project isn’t really a follow up to his last album Young Sinatra IV. Instead, it’s a soundtrack. A soundtrack that will accompany his first ever novel Supermarket. On Tuesday night, the 29-year-old who also goes by Bobby Hall appeared on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah to promote his new book. In the interview, Hall explained what prompted him — a platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated musician — to write a novel, and the origin story is far simpler than you might imagine.

“How do you go from being a rapper- a very successful rapper to just going, ‘I’m going to write a novel’?” Noah asked. Hall replied very simply: “You just read a bunch of books and you’re like ‘I can do that.'” While his answer was a little facetious, it turned out to not be that far off from the truth.

Hall recalled telling his friend and manager Christian that he was thinking about trying to write a book and having Christian tell him that he didn’t think he could do it. “He was like, ‘Yeah dude, you can’t write a book.'” The rapper took it as a direct challenge and was so galvanized by his friend’s doubts that he dedicated part of the book to him.

Later in the interview, Hall also spoke about how writing the book helped him deal with his own anxiety. “Being able to write about my angst and what I was going through in my life through the perspective of this character allowed me to heal,” he said.

You can watch the full interview above.