Lola Brooke Reminds Us Who’s Running The Game In Her New ‘So Disrespectful’ Video

After a string of buzzy singles, including “Here I Come” and “Don’t Play With It,” Lola Brooke has another heater on her hands. On her newest song, “So Disrespectful,” Brooke displays fiery rap chops, spitting rhymes over a scorching beat.

“Skin them vessels / Sendin’ out many, don’t that depress you / Oh my God, I’m so disrespеctful / I ain’t never gеt f*cked, but I get f*cked,” she says, reminding everyone that nothing can break her current reign.

In the song’s video, Brooke is seen front and center of a group of New Yorkers, reminding us that her city has her back.

In an interview with Consequence, Brooke revealed how the song came together, and how it felt natural after hearing the beat in the studio.

“The beat was knocking, so I just went and start punching in on the mic,” Brooke said. “I’ll just start doing punches. How the hook came, honestly, I think it was like a full 16 maybe, or something like that. I just was going and then I went into my verse and I picked out a hook. Put it there, came back into it. I just have fun, I just didn’t think too much about it. I was just being myself.”

Find the “So Disrespectful” video above.