What Lorde Gets About Pop Music That So Many Other Stars Miss

Editorial Director, Music
03.06.17 2 Comments

When Lorde’s new single “Green Light” dropped last week I was traveling out of the country to cover a big rap story, so I wasn’t totally in pop music mode. New time zones and surprise album releases meant my mind was elsewhere, despite all of her hints, and when the song finally broke it still almost took me by surprise. Lorde has a way of doing that, even when you see her coming.

That’s the way it felt four years ago when Pure Heroine hit, and swept everyone in America away, eventually picking up Grammys that haven’t been won by a woman in years. But it’s been even longer than that since her very early The Love Club EP from 2013. In between those two releases was when I discovered her music and interviewed her for the first time. Since Pigeons & Planes was one of — if not the first — North American sites to talk with Ella, I’ve always felt very connected to her story.

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