Watch Lucy Dacus Deliver An Intimate Live Rendition Of Her Explosive Song ‘Night Shift’

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One of the best rock albums to hit in 2018 is Lucy Dacus’ sophomore effort Historian. One of the best songs from that collection is a track titled “Night Shift,” a lengthy post-mortem about a broken relationship that’s touched with some serious guitar bombast around the middle. Recently, Dacus touched down in Seattle for an intimate performance at the Tractor Tavern, which was caught and filmed by Amazon, who shared a video of the singer’s incredible performance of that amazing tune.

In a recent interview with Uproxx’s own Steven Hyden, Dacus opened up about the inspiration behind this particular song. “It’s the first breakup song I’ve ever written, and there’s a lot of raw emotion to it,” she said. “Also, it’s about something really specific, and that has taken a lot of bravery I haven’t had up until this point, to be specific and truthful. I can look back on No Burden and kind of know where the songs came from, but it’s a little more general. This album is really based on specific difficulties, maybe even difficulties I’m even still in the middle of. Beyond the [lyrics], it is a first for me to get that loud at the end. Writing it felt like a release, and singing it every night feels like a release as well.”

You can watch Lucy Dacus’s performance of “Night Shift” in the video above.

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