‘Kid Cudi Is A B*tch,’ Lupe Fiasco Declares After Cudi’s Throwback Story About Him From A Recent Interview

Kids See Ghosts collaborators Kid Cudi and Kanye West have ended their beef, but Lupe Fiasco has no intention of mending things with Cudi. At least, that’s what his latest post online suggests.

Cudi recently sat down with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe for an interview, and during the chat, he spoke about his time nearly brushing into Fiasco in 2008 while working at Bape’s retail store in New York. Cudi spoke about hiding from rappers when they would shop at the location to avoid giving them ammunition for future diss tracks. One of those rappers so happened to be Lupe Fiasco.

“If I get famous one day, I don’t ever want these n****s saying, ‘Yo, you sold me clothes. You my son,'” he said. “I couldn’t have that. This was my explanation. And when you think about it he hates me ’til this day. He hates me. So, it’s like I was right. I was onto something. I sensed something in the universe.”

On January 19, after getting wind of Cudi’s interview, Fiasco took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a message with his longtime foe. He wrote, “Kid Cudi is a b*tch. And continues to be a b*tch. Ain’t nobody finna bring up he used to work at the Bape Store to diss his b*tch ass for having a regular job before he was a famous b*tch with a cool job.”


The beef between the two rappers isn’t new, as it’s been brewing for a while now.

Watch the full interview above.