Machine Gun Kelly Had A Poster Of Megan Fox In His Bedroom Before They Started Dating

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are far from shy about their relationship. The two made out on the red carpet, recently had less-than-glamorous ayahuasca trip, and Fox even had some choice words for those criticizing their age gap: “Go f*ck yourself.” Though the two officially met on set of a film, Kelly recently admitted that he had been crushing on Fox for several years.

In a cover interview with GQ, Kelly sat down with a writer who published his first-ever profile in their high school newspaper. During their conversation, Kelly talked about his rise to fame, his decision to pivot to pop-punk, and, of course, his headline-making relationship with Fox. Kelly even admitted that he had a poster of Fox plastered on his teenage bedroom wall, and someone from their high school remembers him vowing to marry her one day. “It was from her GQ shoot,” he said after confirming the details with Fox. “So that’s some full-circle sh*t.”

Kelly is now known for his eccentric style, but when he was growing up, he took inspiration from any and all media he consumed. “My guidance came from who was talking to me in my headphones and who I was watching on TV. The neighborhoods I was hanging in, the people I was around, those were my influences, those were my parents, those were my guidances,” he continued in the GQ interview. “I had to be whatever I was seeing on TV. I will never forget when I saw American Gangster in theaters, with Denzel Washington. I immediately went to my boss.… I borrowed his fur coat and I borrowed his suit…and swore to God that I was Frank Lucas. A week later I would see Travis Barker in a music video and I would be in a T-shirt with a purple tie over it and some baggy JNCO jeans.”

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