Machine Gun Kelly Gets In His Rap Bag For ‘Taurus,’ The Title Track From His New Movie

On the heels of his new movie, Taurus, Machine Gun Kelly has shared the song “Taurus” from the movie’s soundtrack. On the song, Kelly and vocalist Naomi Wolf battle with their thoughts, as they struggle to write them down into words. It’s a rap track, unlike Kelly’s recent rock-leaning output.

“I seek you out, slay you alive / One more word and you won’t survive / And I’m not scared of your stolen power / I see right through you in the eye,” they sing on the song’s chorus.

The accompanying video features clips from the movie.

Taurus is a semi-autobiographical film that tells the story of Cole Taurus, played by Kelly, a troubled musician looking for inspiration for his new song. In an interview with Variety, Kelly, who is credited as Colson Baker in the film, said he turned to himself for inspiration for the film — especially for some of the film’s darker elements.

“That side of me is where I always felt more comfortable,” he said. “I’d much rather watch someone [for whom that self-destruction] is second nature than to watch some actor pretend. There’s nothing more annoying than watching a thespian fake being a rock star. It’s the worst.”

Check out “Taurus” above.

Taurus is now available to buy or rent on digital platforms.