Maggie Rogers’ Cover Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Tim McGraw’ Is A Stunning And Warm Rendition

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It may not seem like it, but in some ways, Taylor Swift and Maggie Rogers have had similar paths to pop stardom. Swift’s early career was famously more focused on country music, and similarly, Rogers’ first two independently released albums were closer to folk than the pop sound she’s know for today. Now the two have something else in common: the song “Tim McGraw.” Rogers shared her Spotify Singles release today, and on it is a cover of Swift’s early-career hit.

While Swift’s original is an acoustic-leaning ballad, Rogers’ version goes a different direction instrumentally. Her take on the track features warm synths and a more progressive energy, and overall, her cover does what a cover should do: Honor the original song while taking it somewhere new and exciting. Also on the release, she gave a sort of reverse treatment to “Light On” with an acoustic version of the single.

This isn’t the first time Rogers has absolutely nailed a cover song. A bit over a year ago, she and Sharon Van Etten teamed up to perform Sheryl Crow’s monolithic ’90s single “If It Makes You Happy.”

Listen to Rogers’ cover of Swift’s “Tim McGraw” — and her acoustic version of “Light On” — above.