A Man Who Took Care Of Young Dolph’s Memorial In Memphis Was Reportedly Shot And Killed

It’s been almost four months since Young Dolph was tragically shot and killed in his hometown of Memphis. In the months that have followed, fans of Dolph honored him in many ways. One of those includes the creation of a memorial at the shooting site, near one of the city’s businesses. The memorial was constructed shortly after Dolph’s and was taken care of by a few citizens in Memphis. One of those individuals was Jeremiah Taylor, who was unfortunately shot and killed according to a recent report.

Memphis’ Fox13 said Taylor was reportedly found dead last week on the city’s Getwell Road. Memphis Police are currently looking for suspects in the shooting. “Jeremiah was a great person,” said friend Frank Gottie, who viewed Taylor as a brother. “He was so creative. He was so on point. He was helpful, he would help anybody.”

“I want people around the world to know we care about Dolph,” Taylor had said during an interview with ABC 24. “… The love he had with people. A lot of people are realizing and now seeing the person that he always was. Taking care of his community, being a philanthropist, and really promoting financial independence. [It’s] a moral that he taught.”