Maren Morris’ ‘The Bones’ Video Is A Warm Home Movie Of A Love-Filled Hawaiian Vacation

Last year, Maren Morris married fellow country singer Ryan Hurd, and since then, it seems life has been pretty great for her. She’s part of the new supergroup The Highwomen, she released her new album Girl earlier this year, and now she has shared a video for Girl standout “The Bones,” a clip that’s styled like an old-school home video.

That’s pretty much what it is, too: Morris and Hurd took a Hawaiian vacation, and they filmed the video while there. Morris previously reflected on making the video, writing in a tweet, “Had the best heart to hearts with my love, shot a music video on real film, filled my songwriting idea well, and still had clear skin after a week of drinking Painkillers…? I love you, Hawaii.”

She also previously spoke about the inspiration behind the song in an interview, saying, “I wrote this song before we got married, so it really was this dedication to him and what he’s provided for me even in the short time we have been dating. […] The image of a house being completely destroyed by a storm, but then the frame is still there, and it weathered the storm. You know, I loved that. Or lines in the song like, ‘The wolves came and went, and we’re still standing.’ It’s a really meaningful song, and out of all the songs on the record that I’ve played for friends and family the last couple years, ‘The Bones’ was a favorite with everyone.”

Watch the video for “The Bones” above, and read our review of Girl here.