Maren Morris’ ‘The Bones’ Is An Ode To A Love That Can Withstand Anything

The wait is almost over — Maren Morris‘ new album Girl will be released on March 8 via Sony Music Nashville. Following her singles “Girl” and “Common,” the Grammy winner has shared a third track from the album. “The Bones” is soaring and romantic, as Morris compares a strong and stable love to a house that “don’t fall when the bones are good.” Morris can obviously belt power notes like no one else (we’ve all heard “The Middle”), but a mellower, more downtempo song like this showcases the versatility of her voice.

Morris has also shared the official track list for Girl. Three songs on the album (the three tracks that have been released so far) are produced by Greg Kurstin, who has worked on records with Adele, Sia, Beck, and others. The record also features collaborations with “The Middle” co-writer Sarah Aarons and Morris’ husband Ryan Hurd, and a song featuring country duo Brothers Osborne.

Check out the track list for Girl below, and listen to “The Bones” above.

01. “Girl”
02. “The Feels”
03. “All My Favorite People” (feat. Brothers Osborne)
04. “A Song For Everything”
05. “Common” (feat. Brandi Carlile)
06. “Flavor”
07. “Make Out With Me”
08. “Gold Love”
09. “Great Ones”
10. “RSVP”
11. “To Hell And Back”
12. “The Bones”
13. “Good Woman”
14. “Shade”