Mariah Carey And Her Cleavage Star In Her New ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’ Video

Christmas songs that are kind of uncomfortable are a holiday tradition that dates back decades. Not a year goes by without someone who’s woker than thou trying to make you feel bad about “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and there’s a long line of songs that turn Kris Kringle — a joyous avatar of gift-giving meant for children — into a sex object. Mariah Carey’s latest Christmas song isn’t uncomfortable in the text, you don’t become the de facto queen of modern holiday tunes by ruffling Middle America, but the video might be a bit awkward to watch with the whole family.

On its face, “Here Comes Santa Claus” is a cover of a wholesome Christmas classic. The problem isn’t the face, however, it’s slightly below it. Carey chose a dress that probably wouldn’t be found in a Christmas Eve service, not even the contemporary ones where kids are allowed to wear shorts that your grandparents think are the source of the world’s ills. At the very least, throwing this on in a welcome break from the Yule Log is likely to lead to some comments from your creepier kin.

But we suggest if you do welcome Mariah and her cleavage into your home this holiday season, really go for it. Back it up with Big Freedia’s Christmas twerkathon “Make It Jingle.’ Watch Mariah flaunt it below.