Not Even Martin Scorsese Could Get Action Bronson To Shave His Beard Off

Some of the world’s biggest artists have become popular for at least one signature fashion trend, aesthetic, or item. Questlove’s ever-so-meticulously placed pick within his full afro is his classic look. Drake has a few rotating hairstyles, but his buzzed heart-shaped part is the most notable. But for “Subzero” rapper Action Bronson, for a long time, it was his rugged beard.

On November 10, during an appearance on the Pablo Torre Finds Out podcast, Bronson revealed that at one point, not even critically acclaimed director Martin Scorsese could get him to shave it off. Bronson had the opportunity to work alongside Scorsese for the 2019 Netflix film The Irishman. While working on set, the award-winning cinematographer asked the unthinkable of Bronson.

When the asked joked about hallucinating Bronson into the scene, the topic of his intense facial hair came up. “He asked me to take the beard off, but at that point, I was like, ‘Man, I have like six chins under here. So probably not,'” confessed Bronson.

Ultimately, he did not have to make the sacrifice. However, if it did come down to it, let’s just say most fans believe he would’ve been ok walking away from the project. In the past, he’s turned parts in shows such as Euphoria. But then again, it is Martin Scorsese; the sacrifice could have been worth the payout.

Watch the full interview above.