Drake’s New Hairstyle Is (Once Again) Getting Eye Rolls From Fans

Drake’s at it again. The Canadian artist has always been a renegade, swerving left when convention says he should be staying right — and vice versa. Everything from his music to his clothes to his hairstyle is open to a sudden tweak that leaves rap fans reeling. He also leans into being the butt of the joke, ensuring that he’s always grabbing attention for moves that might seem corny at first, but either quickly set trends or blend seamlessly into his next rollout. Fascinatingly, a lot of these moments revolve around his hair.

For instance, a couple of years ago, as he promoted his sixth studio album Certified Lover Boy, Drake sported a heart-shaped part in his hair, but gave it up after COVID made it grow in weird. Earlier this year, he got his hair braided, prompting confusion among fans who didn’t realize he’d grown it out since the last time they saw him. This week, he’s getting a lot of attention for another new ‘do, which he appears to have borrowed from the cool cats of his dad’s era. Now, it’s slicked back, turning into something of a shag (if you don’t know what that is, think “mullet for Black people”), evoking comparisons to Barry White and other disco-era soul singers. Check out some of the hilarious responses below.