Master P Says He’s Denying His ‘Ungrateful’ Brother C-Murder Financial Support In Prison

Master P says he’s been supporting his incarcerated brother C-Murder ever since he was sentenced to life in prison in 2009, and according to the rapper, that’s much more than others can say. Born Corey Miller, C-Murder’s incarceration has once again made headlines thanks to Kim Kardashian announcing she’s flexing her attorney skills to reopen open the rapper’s case. Others like Meek Mill have praised the movement, but Master P is skeptical about C-Murder’s newfound support.

Just last week, Master P thanked Kim K for supporting his brother and reminded everyone that overturning his case is “not gonna be easy.” But Master P has now backtracked on his gratitude after stumbling upon C-Murder’s recently-created Instagram account. In a lengthy message posted to his social media, Master P got real about everything he’s done for C-Murder and said he hasn’t gotten any appreciation in return. “You gotta have a heart for people that really helped you. Monica just got divorced last year, so I’m thinking like, that’s your ride or die?” P said, referring to C-Murder’s ex-girlfriend who originally connected Kim K to the case.

Master P went on to say he’s reached his limits with offering financial support to C-Murder. “The ATM, I’m pulling the plug off. Because people that’s ungrateful and don’t appreciate me, even my own family members — they forget. I’m an ATM, I get it. That’s what I am. And now I’m a square because I’m not in the hood? I’m only not in the hood because I did the right thing and I changed.”

Watch Master P’s full statement above.

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