Maxo Kream Disses Tekashi 69 During His Aggressive ‘LA Leakers’ Freestyle

Ever since Tekashi 69 took the stand against his former Blood set in an effort to save himself from 47 years behind bars, his fellow rappers seem to have determined that he’s persona non grata and taken great joy in needling him every chance they get. Now, Texas rapper Maxo Kream is the latest word warrior to join the growing list of rappers calling out Tekashi 69 for committing one of hip-hop’s cardinal sins in an assertive, barrel-chested freestyle over Kingsta, That Damn Mexcan’s “Grind Where I’m At” beat for the LA Leakers radio show.

“Keep a chopstick like Benny Hibachi / I could never dry snitch like that n—a Tekashi,” he snapped to conclude his chest-thumping, aggressive verse. Over the course of the two-minute freestyle he brags about the usuals, making references to girls, guns, and his gang (Maxo claims a Crip set like his father before him). His reference to Tekashi draws a guffaw from his hosts before Maxo calls himself “the biggest f*ckin Crip” and “the flyest fat n—a) and joking “make America Crip again.”

Maxo recently released his new album Brandon Banks, the followup to his 2018 debut Punken. As a rapper on the rise, he similarly uses his street credibility to lend himself an aura of mystique in much the same way Tekashi apparently tried to do with his affiliation to the Nine Trey Bloods. The difference is, Maxo apparently really is about that life, and isn’t afraid to all out anyone he’s sees faking the funk. As he told Billboard in July, “Everybody want to glorify the streets. Me, I’m not glorifying it. I’ll tell you what happens when you jump in them.”

Brandon Banks is out now via RCA Records. Get it here.