Maxo And Pink Siifu Try To Have Hope In The Sobering ’48’ Video

It is tough enough navigating one’s own personal journey, but looking at the way the world has been spinning on its axis for the last two years, it is very understandable why it may be hard for anyone to have hope. What is the right way to battle both internal strife and external pressure? Which should be defeated first? It seems Maxo and Pink Siifu are looking to lead that fight by example in the video for “48.”

The Madlib-produced track isn’t too instrumentally layered, allowing Maxo and Siifu an open canvas to outline the highs and lows. The Los Angeles artist raps about having a heart full of fear but preferring that to dying from an unwillingness to live. Later, Pink Siifu raps about leftover trauma from his father and how quickly life can turn upside down.

“48” is the first offering from Maxo’s upcoming album Even God Has A Sense Of Humor, coming soon via Def Jam. This will be his first release since his 2019 debut LP Lil Big Man. Since then, he has doled out sparse features, including an appearance on Pink Siifu’s “Call The Bro (Tapped In)” and Remy Banks’s “Tomorrow.”

Check out the greyscale video for “48” above.