Meek Mill Is Getting Roasted For Being Extremely Cheap To Some Kids Hustling Water On The Street

Earlier today, Cardi B was in hot water for tweeting about how she wanted to buy a purse with an $88K price tag, now Meek Mill is in trouble for a similarly insensitive financial gaff. Though his recent new EP mad fans happy, his behavior while driving around Atlanta today definitely didn’t.

Meek posted an Instagram story of himself giving $20 to kids selling water in the streets, and as fans pointed out, with a car worth around $400,000, decked out in jewelry, the move comes off incredibly cheap. Gy the time children are hustling something like water bottles in the streets, it’s likely they really could use help from someone like Meek, who is in a much better position when it comes to money.

The kids rightfully feel a little slighted that he only gave $20 and told them to “split it.” They ask for more but are turned down. Now, this is a video that Meek posted himself, clearly not thinking he did anything wrong, but people on social media had other thoughts. For a well-off rapper to ask six kids to split a $20 bill — working out to maybe $3 per kid — does feel a little cruel and unusual, particularly during one of the worst financial crises in American history. Reactions from fans and onlookers who thought the move was pretty gauche immediately began to trend, and Meek is now getting dragged for the post.

Meek Mill is a Warner Music artist. .