Meghan Trainor And The Backstreet Boys Team Up For ‘I Want It That Way’

Good ol’ summer ABC music-based programming. You’ve given us such blessings as the batsh*t crazyballs bananacakes Sing Your Face Off and now we have another Alphabet Network “hmm… what’s this all about” musical offering to gawk at. The six-week series (sorry, “event”) Greatest Hits has bubbled up into the world and focuses on “Hit-Makers of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s” while mixing in “today’s music chart-toppers.” This clip of REO Speedwagon performing with Pitbull should give you a clue about what the program’s deal is. Dale!

*files video next to Wang Chung’s “Hot In Herre” cover from Hit Me, Baby, One More Time*

This week’s edition featured surprisingly durable pop vendors the Backstreet Boys in the spotlight. Included in the package was a duet with “No!” songstress Meghan Trainor. The combo teamed for a performance of the 1999 gem “I Want It That Way” which came complete with a sensible wardrobe for all six participants.

“My first band that I loved was the Backstreet Boys,” shared Trainor on her BSB credentials. “My pop star crush was Brian [Littrell]. I was gonna marry him and my mom was gonna marry him. That was our husband. The day he got married, I remember we were like, ‘Nooo!’”

Unlike countless fans that obsessed over the pop outfit in Bop, Trainor got to enjoy the experience of singing with her original music heroes. It’s all smiles, warm-n-fuzzies and the occasional twirl. A lovely time was had by all. (Full points to the audience member feeling every bit of the tune at the 3:18 mark. She’s awesome.) See for yourself by hitting play on the video located at the top of the page.

(via Entertainment Weekly)