M.I.A. Blames Jay-Z And Roc Nation, Among Others, For Her US Visa Application Getting Denied

During her ongoing tiff with Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj notably took a detour into conspiracy theorizing that Jay-Z and his company, Roc Nation, were sabotaging her career. This picked up a thread from a conspiracy that Tory Lanez propagated, that Roc Nation supposedly paid off the judge and jury in his assault case for shooting Meg in 2020.

The latest artist to blame Jay and the Roc for their troubles is former collaborator M.I.A., who took her complaints to Twitter for an ALL CAPS rant that began with her accusing Joe Biden (personally?) of holding up her visa application to come to the US. “BIDEN WON’T LET ME SEE MY CHILD,” she said, alongside a screenshot of an email specifically explaining why she can’t get a new visa due to past behavior. She also demonstrated how very little she pays attention to American politics, following up with, “I HAVE TO WAIT TILL A REPUBLICAN WINS. WOW.” Yeah. Okay. The “concentration camps at the border are perfectly fine” party. Sure.


M.I.A.’s rant continued as she accused her child’s caretakers of being convicted sex traffickers (again, not how that works), and blamed her visa application rejection on speaking out against genocide (again, not how that works — First Amendment people never seem to know what it’s for). She then made the claim that Jay-Z — who indirectly managed her career through Roc Nation — was paid off by the founder of the NXIVM cult. She also claimed after asking Jay for help gaining custody of her child, her domicile was invaded and her computers were stolen.





She eventually lapsed into old talking points about vaccines (again, there NO PROOF that vaccines endanger kids any more than the actually diseases they prevent do, what with things like smallpox, yellow fever, tetanus, and more all being LIFE THREATENING). This is par for the course for someone who has been accused of making other controversial statements.


We live in the era of “alternative facts” and “fake news” so people will believe what they want, but someone here is baiting a libel charge, and if Jay-Z is really as powerful as everyone seems to think (he almost assuredly isn’t), you’d hope they would learn to stop poking the bear. In all likelihood, they call him out because he makes a convenient scapegoat as an unrepentant capitalist who also wants to be a revolutionary with a much higher profile than the people they’re really mad at.