Michael Bublé’s Wife Says Their Three-Year-Old Son Is Now Recovering From Cancer

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04.11.17 5 Comments

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Late last year Canadian singer/songwriter Michael Bublé and his wife Argentinian actress, Luisana Lopilato, shared the heartbreaking news that their three-year-old son Noah was suffering from cancer.

Lopilato broached the difficult subject at a press conference in Buenos Aires for her latest film, Those Who Love, Hate:

“When things like those that happened to us occur, your take on life changes. It happened to us. Now I value life much more, the now and the today. Thank God, my son is well.. It’s difficult for me to speak about this. It’s very recent and I’m still a bit sensitive about the subject. But the love is daily, when people stop me in the street. It’s wonderful to know that you’re accompanied in life and that people love you.”

After Noah was diagnosed, both Buble and Lopilato opted to put their careers on hold and focus on their family during the intensive treatment process. Along with Noah, the couple have another young infant son named Elias. The recovery of Noah is good news, not just for their family, but for the many fans who have been hoping for the best in this difficult situation. Guess this means a new Michael Bublé album might be on the way soon, too.

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