Moby’s Reaction To Donald Trump’s Win Is One Of The Angriest

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11.09.16 24 Comments

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Donald Trump became the president-elect of the United States last night and the reactions are as divided as the country itself. While we’ve done our best to remain calm and put this mess in context, there are those out there who think that the election of a short-fingered, bombastic vulgarian calls for a little vulgarity and bombast. Electronic music producer Moby clearly put himself in that camp with a new open letter where he blatantly asks “America, what the f*ck is wrong with you?”

The man who felt so strongly about the danger of a Trump presidency that he wrote two tracks for the 30 Days, 30 Songs campaign shared his letter to the States via Billboard. In it, he pinpoints Americans’ desire to vote for Trump as a continuation of anti-intellectual attitudes that he believes exist in other parts of American life.

He points out the hypocrisy of Christian voters electing “a twice-divorced man who openly brags about infidelity and committing sexual assault” before coming to the conclusion that Trump will be “the worst president our country has ever, ever seen.”

Take a look at his entire letter below:

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