Moneybagg Yo Says His Skin Is Glowing Ever Since He Quit Lean

Despite describing his biggest hit to date, “Wockesha,” as the “official lean national anthem,” it turns out Moneybagg Yo has turned over a new leaf, giving up the purple drink and finding a renewed passion for his craft. The Memphis rapper tweeted this week that since becoming sober, he’s surpassed his own expectations and feels like a better artist despite his initial doubts.

“I use to think being sober would f*ck wit my creative process,” he wrote. “I see dats just a mind thing cuz I been more active skin glowing and I been dropping nun but pressure.”

Ironically, this was the challenge he was issued by fellow Memphis rapper NLE Choppa, who last year proposed for his fellow artists to replace the codeine-laced soda with his own brand of chlorophyll drinks. At the time, Moneybagg Yo did not respond, but it appears that he ultimately was able to kick the habit himself.

He joins a growing list of rappers who once proudly pledged their allegiance to lean but were able to quit which includes Future, Smokepurpp, Mustard, and more. And although Future once said he was reluctant to reveal his lifestyle change for fear of alienating his fans, it looks like Moneybagg Yo is more than happy to advocate for a sober lifestyle.