Smokepurpp Revealed That He Quit Lean, But His Reasoning Is Not So Obvious

In the wake of Juice Wrld’s death earlier this month, numerous rappers have revealed their struggles with drugs — most notably Meek Mill and Trippie Redd — but now you can add Smokepurpp to the list.

Purpp struggled with lean — a beverage including codeine cough syrup, promethazine, flavored soda, and everything except the kitchen sink depending on who’s making it — until recently. Lean also contributed to the deaths of Pimp C, Fredo Santana, and DJ Screw. Before lean had the chance to take Smokepurpp’s life, the rapper smartened up, and he recently spoke about his decision on Los Angeles’ Power 106, saying, “Lifestyle wise, I just stopped sippin’ lean and sh*t like that for real. (I) play basketball, be active and sh*t. I probably did that sh*t all the way up until earlier this year.” Purpp said he picked up his lean habit in high school.

But here’s the plot twist: Purpp revealed that he ultimately quit lean because he only used it when he had writer’s block, citing his weight gain as a reason as well — not because the drink is life-threatening. Purpp confirmed this development, saying, “That sh*t really f*cks up your stamina, really everything, It makes you slower. It really messes up everything for real. I was just using (lean) to make music, to help me with my creativity. I guess it’s ’cause like, I record a lot. I record every day, so it’s like, I felt like lean just helped my creativity just flow better. Sometimes when I just had writer’s block and sh*t like that. That was really mostly why I was sippin’ lean.”

Purpp recently released Deadstar 2 as well.

Deadstar 2 is out now via Alamo Records. Get it here.