Nick Cannon Drops A Third Eminem Diss Track, ‘Canceled: Invitation’

Eminem couldn’t let 2019 end without one more feud, and that is just what he has started with Nick Cannon over the past few weeks. Since Eminem called out Cannon on a Fat Joe song, Cannon has responded with two diss tracks, and now he’s back with a third. On “Canceled: Invitation,” Cannon samples the early Eminem song “Foolish Pride” for the hook: “Black girls are b*tches, black girls are dumb.”

On the song, Cannon raps, “I have to put my motherf*cking turban / Outside your motherf*cking suburban home / Protesting with AKs and guns / Our queens don’t need your racist song.” The track ends with a more extended sample of “Foolish Pride,” on which Eminem raps, “Black girls and white girls just don’t mix / Because Black girls are dumb, and white girls are good chicks.”

Eminem previously addressed “Foolish Pride” on “Yellow Brick Road,” rapping, “I singled out a whole race / And for that I apologize, I was wrong / ‘Cause no matter what color a girl is, she’s still a—.”

Cannon hasn’t joined the feud with a diss track of his own yet, but he did respond to Cannon’s initial effort, on which he rapped, “I heard your chauffeur got a video of you suckin’ a cock / You paid him off, then laid him off, now who really the opp.” Eminem tweeted, “U mad bro? Stop lying on my dick. I never even had a chauffeur, you bougie f*ck. […] I demand an apology Nicholas, you’ve made my gardener so jealous!”

Listen to “Canceled: Invitation” above.