50 Cent Backs Eminem In His Beef With Nick Cannon, Calling Cannon’s Diss Track ‘Trash”

Eminem and Nick Cannon’s rekindled beef developed a new wrinkle Tuesday when Eminem’s old pal 50 Cent backed him by calling Cannon’s diss track, “The Invitation,” “trash.”

50 posted on Twitter and Instagram Tuesday to back up Eminem using a picture of Em for a post with some choice words for Cannon.

“I don’t understand to save my life why someone would pick a fight with EM,” 50 says. “He is a different kinda animal. I haven’t seen a motherf*cker come close to beating him, man. Hey Nick, that sh*t was trash. I oughta kick you in yo ass when I see you PUNK.”

Eminem rekindled his beef with Cannon last week when he hopped on Fat Joe and Dre’s joint album Family Ties. Eminem appeared on the album’s eighth track, “Lord Above,” where he calls Cannon “whipped” and “neutered” over Mariah Carey, Cannon’s ex-wife. Monday, Cannon released a diss track after initially challenging Eminem to a rap battle on his popular show Wild N’ Out, calling Eminem a b*tch and bringing up his past drug use. While Eminem didn’t respond with a diss track, he called Cannon a “bougie f*ck” in a series of tweets on Twitter.

Ironically, 20 years ago, Fat Joe chose not to listen to Eminem’s demo six times and had a beef with 50. In 2019, Eminem’s dissing Cannon on Joe’s album, while 50, who promoted Joe’s album on Twitter, is backing him.