Nicki Minaj Surprised Fans With A Late-Night Dance Party On Kai Cenat’s Twitch Stream

In recent months, Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has had a profound come-up in hip-hop’s standings. As more and more artists deem “the media” untrustworthy and irrelevant to younger audiences (which… they aren’t all the way wrong), entertainers have sought to meet “the kids” where they are — and where they are is on Twitch, digitally hanging out with streamers like Cenat, who appeal to them with energetic antics and relatable straight talk.

In September, Cenat hosted a stream with Offset, while later that month, he got a shout-out from Drake, who had previously streamed with him via video chat. His latest guest was Nicki Minaj, whose surprise appearance on the show was met with delight from her dedicated Barbz and a slew of clips popping up on Twitter (which I will never call “X,” are you kidding me?).

For the most part, it looks like they spent the time just talking, with Nicki giving Cenat dating advice and the two cracking each other up with offbeat jokes. An impromptu dance party broke out at some point as Kai’s friends joined and Nicki showed off her twerking skills. Also, one of those friends is chronically, irreparably horny on main. Just check out the videos below.