Nipsey Hussle’s Death Reportedly Sparked A Peace Treaty Between Over 30 Of LA’s Street Gangs

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Over 100 people representing over 30 gangs reportedly met for peace talks at a local community center in the wake of Nipsey Hussle’s death, according to a new Guardian story about the history of LA’s gangs and the late rapper. While the unity meeting between the gangs was common knowledge after an attendee posted photo from the meeting, the Guardian’s story elaborated on details that few were privy to.

According to the Guardian, the meeting was the brainchild of Nipsey’s longtime friend Shamond Bennett, who was also a member of Nipsey’s Rollin 60s set, and LaTanya Ward, a resident of the nearby Baldwin Village neighborhood, often called “The Jungle” by locals. Ward, who identifies as a Blood, said that she contacted Bennett and the two began work to connect rival gang leaders at a neutral site to talk about peace between sets that had feuded for over 40 years.

Initially, they were able to bring together 15 people, then, after a second attempt the next day, over 100 people from some of the city’s most prominent gangs. Later that week, hundreds of gang bangers and affiliates met at the Marathon store for a “members only” vigil that saw peace between some of the fiercest rivalries in South Los Angeles, including members of the 8 Trey Gangster Crips embracing members of the Rollin 60s, as well as Bloods and other sets, as a way of honoring what Nipsey meant to the city.

Before he died, Nipsey himself was planning on meeting with the LAPD to discuss gang violence prevention. While he was unable to complete those plans, he’d likely be pleased to see so many coming together and setting aside their differences for him.

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