A Walmart Employee Couldn’t Believe She Met Chris Brown, Except It Was Actually NLE Choppa

At this September’s 2023 MTV VMAs, Selena Gomez appeared to scrunch her face in disapproval upon hearing Chris Brown’s nomination as the featured artist on “How Does It Feel” for Chlöe’s In Pieces album — a collaboration that brought backlash to Chlöe’s doorstep. Around the same time, Tinashe went on Zach Sang Show and explained why she felt embarrassed to have worked with Brown (and R. Kelly) in the past.

But some people still hold Brown in high regard, and one of them works at Walmart.

On Monday, December 18, NLE Choppa posted an 11-minute video to his personal YouTube channel entitled “NLE Choppa Goes Christmas Caroling! (In Public).”

In the video, the Memphis rapper and his friends — dressed in red and green robes, accessorized with reindeer ears — visit a packed Apple store and bailed on traditional Christmas songs in favor of Choppa’s very explicit “Shotta Flow 7.” Unsurprisingly, they were promptly kicked out by Apple employees.

Choppa and Co.’s final stop was the local Walmart, where one employee looked on agape. “Chris Brown is here?!” she asks. She looks around for her co-worker, who must also be a big Chris Brown fan, and yells at Choppa, “I love you, Chris Brown!” Choppa plays along, thanking her and briefly singing “Wall To Wall,” one of Brown’s formative hits.

It’s partially adorable and partially sad to think about how that Walmart employee probably gleefully blew up her group text with the false news that she’d just met Chris Brown. People on TikTok are delighting in her innocent confusion. ‘Tis the season to believe!

Watch the full video above, and watch the hilarious mix-up below.

NLE Choppa is a Warner Music artist. .