NLE Choppa Ushers In A New Era By Announcing His ‘From Dark To Light’ Album

NLE Choppa has been going through a transformation in recent months. Back in September, the rapper announce he would stop rapping about violence in favor of a more pacifist career. Cementing his new peacemaker status, Choppa has announced his next record.

Choppa took to social media to share the news of his record From Dark To Light. The album’s cover art hints at Choppa’s new era of music, depicting the rapper seated in a meditative pose at the intersection of light and dark. The 11-track album is only a few weeks away from being released, debuting on the rapper’s November 1 birthday.

Last year, Choppa spoke to Uproxx about how he handled catapulting to success while still in high school. Offering his fans advice, Choppa said: “I love saying, just keep God first and just keep working. If you got a dream, pursue that dream. Whatever’s in your head, it don’t matter how impossible it seem, chase that sh*t because that’s what I did. It’s just doing numbers for me right now. […] Just being patient and let God work out problems. Work out everything, slowly. Patience is key pretty much. I still rush a lot of stuff but I’m thankful for my team and everybody around me. They help me value patience so I value patience a lot. From me being patient, I got the deal I wanted instead of the deal that’s a slave contract or some sh*t.”

From Dark To Light is out 11/1 via Warner Records. Pre-order it here.

NLE Choppa is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.