NLE Choppa Shows Off His Footwork In The Energetic ‘Top Shotta Flow’ Video

NLE Choppa‘s long-awaited debut album dropped on Friday, and to keep the buzz going, the 17-year-old Memphis mic menace followed up with the video to one of the project’s standout tracks, “Top Shotta Flow.”

The video is relatively straightforward, with standard scenes of Choppa rapping in front of a crowd, including fellow Memphis viral star BlocBoy JB, performing with a car burning rubber behind him, and dancing with all his usual exuberant, youthful energy. The performance sequences are accentuated by some eye-popping visual effects, including digital clones of Choppa dancing alongside him, slow-motion bullets firing from his imaginary guns, and flames overtaking the dancing teens. Throughout, the focus remains on Choppa, a magnetic force who can’t help being the center of attention.

In addition to his album release this past weekend, Choppa is also the subject of an Uproxx Video documentary, Who Is NLE Choppa?, detailing his viral rise to stardom and following him as he navigates his newfound fame. Check out a teaser below.

Top Shotta is out now via NLE Choppa Entertainment and Warner Records. Get it here.

Watch NLE Choppa’s “Top Shotta Flow” video above.

NLE Choppa is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.