Noname Explains Why Canceled Shows Could Delay Her Next Album

This summer, Noname didn’t do as much touring as she had planned on. In mid-June, health issues forced her to cancel shows for the rest of the month and for July as well. She wrote at the time, “I was really looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces, but I promise I’ll be back soon to make it up to you guys! Tried to push through it but things have gotten pretty severe. With lots of rest, medicine, and veggies I should be right back to normal! Hopefully in a few weeks time I’ll be back to my rapping and petty self lol.”

The good news is that Noname seems to be in better health nowadays, but the bad news is that missing those shows has put her in a pickle. This afternoon, she took to Twitter to explain why she might not finish her next album as quickly as she was planning, and it’s ultimately because she had to cancel those concerts. Noname wrote, “Usually I use the money I make on touring to record my albums but I had to cancel all my summer shows cause I’ve been sick. I keep going back and forth but I might sell merch online to cover my recording cost. Sorry for delay and thanks for being patient with me.”

This situation has put Noname in a moral dilemma, as she wrote in another tweet, “For the socialist and communist who follow me…how do yall feel about artist role in capitalism? I’ve tried to reduce mine as much as possible (stayin indie) but selling merch is inherently exploitive cause it turns a profit. But indie artist need that to cover album cost. Idk.”

Even if Noname’s next album doesn’t come out as quickly as she was hoping, she has been putting smiles on faces in one way or another in recent days: She helped save Nina Simone’s childhood home, and she got her fans excited about reading thanks to her new book club.