Noname Revisits Her J. Cole Feud: ‘He Was Angered By The ‘Tone’ Of A Tweet That Didn’t Even Name Him’

2020 yielded some memorable music feuds, with one of the biggest being the beef between Noname and J. Cole. Uproxx’s Aaron Williams previously summed up the situation with a detailed explainer, but in essence, it began with Cole taking notice of a Noname tweet that he perceived as calling him out. Now, about a year after the saga began, Noname has addressed it again.

It began with Noname tweeting a personal philosophy a few days ago: “noname. no allegiance to one ideology. i read all. take what applies. leave the rest.” Somebody responded, “Dweebs gon call you unprincipled,” to which Noname replied, “i’m no longer interested in proving myself to an internet that will cannibalize the vulnerability of those who choose to publicly learn. it’s cop sh*t. i’m interested in what my community calls me. twitter is not my community [heart emoji].”

Somebody else then brought Cole into the conversation, responding, “J Cole literally tried to make that same point to you almost 2 years ago lol.” Noname fired back, “no. j cole was upset because i tweeted about rappers who profit off blackness while simultaneously being silent when it comes to black death. he was angered by the ‘tone’ of a tweet that didn’t even specifically name him.”

Another person replied, “J Cole has out in enough time to and done enough organising to be above your questioning,” to which a seemingly skeptical Noname responded, “wait, j cole is an organizer [monocle emoji].” She then added, “i forgot how much yall play on this app [crying emoji].”

Find Noname’s tweets below.