Watch Noname, Saba, And Smino Showcase Their Individual Talents Together On ‘The Tonight Show’

Back in October, Noname performed on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and that appearance was her TV debut… not counting the time she joined Chance The Rapper on Saturday Night Live to perform “Finish Line/Drown” in 2016. On Colbert, she performed a medley of three Room 25 songs. Meanwhile, she visited The Tonight Show yesterday, and on her first late night TV performance of 2019, she presented a different kind of trio.

This time, she was joined by Saba and Smino, so the three could perform their Room 25 collaboration, “Ace.” Against the backdrop of a Room 25 neon sign, the song gave all three the opportunity to shine on this big stage. Each had their own portion of the song, and they all made the most of their time, especially Noname, who’s rapid-fire-but-chilled-out flow is idiosyncratic.

The three have terrific chemistry, so much so that it looks like they may be working on some sort of collaborative project beyond just “Ace.” A fan on Instagram asked Smino if there is some sort of joint effort from the three on the way, and he responded simply, “2019.” He also shared a photo of the three and captioned it, “A rare photo set of 3 young GOATs casually reshaping what popular music will sound like for the next 20 of them thangs.”

Watch Noname, Saba, and Smino perform “Ace” above.