Offset Refutes Claims His Marriage To Cardi B Made Him Migos’ ‘Real Star’

Offset doesn’t think his marriage to Cardi B makes him Migos’ “real star” and in fact vehemently rejects anyone suggesting as much according to a new profile of the trio on High Snobiety. He points out that he’s had to remain strong-minded to reject the idea that he’s bigger than the band, especially since he’s married to one of the biggest stars in hip-hop.

“People tell me all the time, ‘You’re married to Cardi B. You’re the real star,'” he admits. However, he says, “I shut that down immediately. And it kills them so much, and I can see the darkness in their face. By even telling me I’m the star, you’re killing my memories.” That doesn’t stop him from praising his wife’s success, though. Offset also talks about the bond that the pair shared even before they made things official.

“My wife’s success is one of the biggest things I’ve ever been a part of,” he says. “She didn’t feel like she had it at one point. The world didn’t think she could rap. But I can tell when somebody is going to last, and when I met her, I was already wanting to know her before I ever even heard a song by her. That’s why she f*cks with me and why our sh*t is so genuine. I did done some f*cked-up sh*t, but she knows that I f*cked with her before I even knew she rapped. I knew she was a lost soul that was a superstar.”

Elsewhere in the profile, Quavo promises “New sounds. New cadences. New hits. New bangers” of the group’s upcoming project, while a typically reserved Takeoff admits “it might be a little corny [to match]” their coordinated outfits all the time. Read the full interview here.

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