Omarion Was Seen Holding Hands With Nia Long At The ‘You People’ Premiere And The Men Aren’t Doing Okay

Update: Nia Long has cleared the air, popping up in an Instagram comments section to warn, “Everybody simmer down… I’m single AF.” Oof. Sorry, O.

Ime Udoka’s reported infidelity and inappropriate behavior may have lost him his job as the Boston Celtics’ coach and disrupted the team’s post-championship-run season, but at least one person seems to have benefitted from his epic fumble. And that person is Omarion.

Yeah, that’s right. Omarion. R&B singin’ in the rain, fake crip-walkin’, former boy band member, meme-sparking Omarion. But how did he benefit, as he is decidedly not an NBA player? Well, this video from the premiere of Netflix’s race relations romcom You People might clear up that question:

Yup. That’s Nia Long. The fantasy of a million millennials (including J. Cole). The inimitable star who had roles in formative pop culture pillars such as Boyz N The Hood, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Friday, and The Best Man. And she is HOLDING. HANDS. with Omarion.

The men, understandably, are not okay.

Omarion himself seems pretty happy about it, just judging from his expression in the video above.

Meanwhile, You People, which stars Jonah Hill and Lauren London and caught some flak online for its similarities to Sidney Poitier’s 1967 Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner (and it’s less-beloved 2005 remake starring Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher), is streaming today on Netflix. It’s… decently funny, especially if you’re actually from L.A., where it’s set. Otherwise, maybe just stick to Poitier’s classic.