Outkast Fans Are Calling A Tweet Praising Andre 3K A Case Of ‘Big Boi Erasure’

Big Boi” trended on Twitter today as Outkast fans leaped to the Atlanta rapper’s defense over a case of “Big Boi erasure.” When a fan pondered whether Andre 3000 had ever been bested on a song, fans were quick to point out he was a member of an equally-matched duo.

“Has anyone ever washed Andre 3000 on a song?” reads the original tweet. “Because … I haven’t heard such a song.” While the original poster clearly meant to compare Andre to the dozens of MCs with whom he’s collaborated over the years, longtime Outkast fans read a certain level of disrespect into the statement, since Three Stacks has shared a considerable amount of mic time with Big Boi and the tweet seemed to be overlooking his rap partner’s accomplishments.

“It’s okay to praise Andre 3K without disrespecting Big Boi,” wrote one fan. Another posited that “Big Boi done cleaned him up a plethora of times.” Meanwhile, Andrew Barber of popular Chicago-based blog FakeShoreDrive used the opportunity to point out how the debate only highlighted the duo’s impact on hip-hop. “Big Boi and Andre are just out in the world minding their own business yet still end up trending on Twitter for something every other week, despite not dropping album together in 15+ years,” he observed. “Their legacy is untouchable.”

He’s right; Outkast recently trended because of comedian Ron Fuches’ tweet comparing the tag team to another legendary group, The Beatles. While Outkast always seems to be the subject of some controversy or another, it’s only because they have an undeniable effect on the pop culture landscape since they first declared “the Souf got sum to say.”

Check out more responses to the “Big Boi” trend below.