Watch A Paramore Superfan Destroy ‘Misery Business’ With Lauren Mayberry Of Chvrches

Managing Editor, Music

Paramore have made a huge comeback in 2017, shocking no one who first fell in love with the band back in their days. One of the most resilient anthems from the prime Paramore era is “Misery Business,” off 2007’s RIOT!, which is arguably their greatest song to date (maybe I will argue this soon), and the band still routinely perform it live at shows. It’s so beloved, that they also include a ritual along with the song performance — invite a fan up onstage to sing along with Hayley Williams.

So it wasn’t super surprising when the band opted to do just that at one of their recent shows in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, you may or may not know about the relationship between Williams and one of Scotland’s fiercest female pop stars, Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches.

After a couple minutes getting the fan, named Eleanor, onstage and hyping up another surprise — aka Lauren Mayberry — Hayley, Eleanor, and Lauren destroy this new supergroup version of “Misery Business,” much to the local crowd’s delight. And now, much to yours, courtesy of a fan-shot video up above, the actual singing starts around 5:00. Hayley, Lauren, we’re all still waiting on the eventual collab album, can we get an update on that please? The clip above will have to do for now.

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