A Pearl Jam Exhibit Is Coming To Seattle’s Museum Of Popular Culture

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Seattle, Washington has been knocked in years past for not always paying the proper respect to their own, large musical history, but that has certainly changed over the last decade or so, and a lot of it has to do with the effort put in by the Museum Of Popular Culture (formerly known as the Experience Music Project).

MoPop has hosted a wide array of different exhibits throughout the years, highlighting different artists and bands integral to the city through the decades, Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana being chief among them, and now, they are set to shine a light on another one.

On August 11, MoPop will pull the curtain on the new Pearl Jam: Home And Away exhibit that’s taking place in conjunction with a pair of shows that the band is performing just down the road a ways at Safeco Field. The exhibit is loaded with a massive amount of Pearl Jam artifacts that will tell the full 28-year long history of the band and includes instruments, equipment, stage props, original typewritten lyrics and notebooks, original poster and album art, set lists, and more.

Pearl Jam is the only Seattle musical entity about to get honored by MoPop next month. Recently it was announced that a new statue of Soundgarden/Temple Of The Dog frontman Chris Cornell, who died just last year, will be placed in front of the museum on August 29.

For more information about Pearl Jam: Home And Away, visit MoPop’s official website.