Phish Made This Fan Lose All Sense Of Time And Space

At this point, Phish has become one of those bands you either get or you don’t. I haven’t been to see Phish live yet, so I can’t really speak to the level of adoration their fans feel when seeing them perform, but enough people I respect and care about love the band that I can’t write them off like I used to. As much as I want to make jokes about the drugs that often accompany psychedelic music, it seems like there really is a sense of community among their fans, a sense of innocence and freedom, and I think contributes to the experiences fans have at shows more than any substance.

Take this guy above, for instance, a Phish fan who was caught losing his g*ddamn mind at their Madison Square Garden show last night — so much so that the video of his joy has gone completely viral on Twitter. It’s nice to see someone lose track of everything else that’s going on around them and fall headfirst into the music, but you can’t do that unless you feel completely safe and supported where you are.

Phish often live stream their shows for fans and luckily, someone had the wherewithal to film this guy’s ascent from wonder and happiness to full blown adulation. Yes, this emotional rollercoaster probably involves mushrooms, but it also has me more interested in putting Phish on my list of shows to see in 2017 than I ever have been. Check it out above, and a couple more clips below.

The best part is when he looks around like “Are you guys seeing this??” Or maybe the best part is when he brings his hands together at his chest like a small child. According to a reply to the tweet from a woman who says it’s her brother, he isn’t on Twitter but his band, Pajamas, has a Facebook page if you want to share some love. She also wrote that even when he’s listening at home, he has the same reaction. Phish, if you’re reading this, you should send this guy some flowers — I think he converted quite a few nonbelievers today.